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Grades: PK - 05 Mascot: Train

Uniforms: Yes

School Colors: Green & Gold

Voting District: 5 Region: III

Total Enrollment: 760


Grades: Pre-K, K,1 8:20 am-1:50 pm

Grades: 2-5 8:35 am - 3:05 pm

We are located at 5222 NW 1ST STREET MIAMI, FL 33126, right off West Flagler and 52nd Ave. Henry M. Flagler has 3 buildings. Each building houses various classrooms, with each room offering a full range of subjects. All buildings are equipped with educational tools, such as book and classroom supplies in addition too modern educational technology. Our technology is consistently evolving, to ensure our faculty can offer our students the highest level of educational possible. Our technology consist of computer labs, application servers, smart boards, projectors, television and overhead sound systems. For inquires please feel free to reach the school at (305) 443-2529.

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Tel: 305.443.2529

Fax: 305.448.8508


5222 North West 1st Street

Miami. FL 33126