Welcome to Henry M. Flagler Elementary School, Home of the "Flagler Express!"

          Welcome to Henry M. Flagler Elementary School home of the “Flagler Express!”  I take great pleasure in serving as the principal of a school where student achievement and success is a top priority.  Our staff at Henry M. Flagler takes an active role and responsibility to ensure the success of every student. We value our community of learners which includes our parents and community members.  We set high expectations for learning for all our students and provide a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.  


          We have been successful academically due to the support of teachers, dedicated staff, students, parents and community partnerships. We strive for students to experience a well-rounded program that helps them harness their uniqueness and strengths. Our school is proud to offer a Full Time Gifted Program, Extended Foreign Language Program (EFL) in grades K-5 and three VPK /Pre-K SPED classes, two full size computer labs, and one fully equipped Science lab to name a few. 


          You, as parents, are the most critical part of our school success. You take an active and crucial role in providing an atmosphere that promotes education and quality work habits. Your support provides the foundation for students to come ready to learn. I strongly encourage you to be an active part of your child’s education by making sure they get to school on time and attend school regularly. Please ensure that your child reads each and every night. Academics require practice, just like piano, baseball, and dance.


          There are many ways you can get involved at school. Check out our awesome PTA. They do so much to support our school programs. Your participation in the PTA fundraisers is a critical and with your continued support and involvement, we will continue to make great strides in preparing our students for success in their future schooling as well as career readiness. 


          You will find your child’s teacher is your best resource and I encourage you to build a positive partnership with them. I look forward to working with you as partners in educating your children. I am honored to be your Principal at Henry M. Flagler and I look forward to continue working with our community. 


Zulema C. Lamazares,

Ed. S. Principal

         I believe that every child is capable of learning and achieving greatness. That does not mean that every child is capable of learning in the same style of fashion; however, I have always made it a priority as an educator to get know my students as individuals so that I can help them create their own unique path to achievement. My role as an administrator is to provide the faculty and staff with which I work the tools and support they need to become successful in the classroom, Along with an amazing faculty and staff, I believe the Principal and I can work together to continue the schools Tradition of Excellence. Of course, none of this can be done without the integral contributions of the student's families and local community partners. With that being said, I look forward to working at Henry M. Flagler Elementary, and I am positive that we, as a team, can achieve greatness.        


Ja'Shon E. Fayson,

Assistant Principal

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